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USSPA en Feria Internacional SHK in Brno

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USSPA in a great style, as always

Despite the April raining weather USSPA again shined out at the International building fair IBF SHK, which took place in Brno, April 13 –17 , 2010.

At its exposition USSPA showed a complete product range of Universum Spa and Swim Spa. Unique set of Swim Spa XL & Combi Spa was presented including mechanical cover lifter. Swim Spa Classic was shown in use. New special booklet, issued at the occasion of the USSPA ́s 15 anniversary and also exclusive luxury set for this year’s new customers were introduced to the public for the first time.

Despite of relatively lower attendance of the exhibition compared to the past years, exposition of USSPA attracted many new potential spa customers. It was obvious that some companies cut their marketing costs for this year; several “big players” in different fields were missing among exhibitors. Nevertheless USSPA keeps its high standard and visitors positively appreciated it. In general there was a chance to trace the turnover in the behavior of visitors against the last year, when economic crisis was the main topic. Public is already expecting resumption to better tomorrows. Right during the trade fair USSPA welcomed new customers, which availed the fair sale. In the matter of the business USSPA exceeded last year’s fair.

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