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American design award for Czech spas

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A Czech spa is among the products winning the most prestigious international award, the Good Design Award, in Chicago, USA. The model LyraiN, developed and completely manufactured in Eastern Bohemia's, Dolní Dobrouč became the only award-winning spa in 2017. The LyraiN design was created in cooperation of academic sculptor, Petr Slanina and MgA. Filip Streit.

A black dot generally indicates a warning, a negative evaluation or even punishment. However, this is not the case in the area of design! The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design is an American institute that has been granting this award in the form of a black dot for 67 years. In terms of its significance, it represents the highest standard in the area of design. Moreover, the LyraiN has two dots it had won the Red Dot Award for its innovative design in Essen, Germany in 2016.

The USSPA brand is the only one on the Czech spa market that invests into its own design. USSPA addressed MgA. Filip Streit (Divan Design) to cooperate on creating the private spas` new design.MgA. Filip Streit cooperated with the USSPA in-house designer, academic sculptor Petr Slanina. The result of the work of these two authors of two different generations is a full private spa line, while LyraiN, the smallest of them is winning design competitions, belongs to best-selling products and unfortunately, is also the first in the record number of imitations and copies manufactured mainly by Chinese producers.

Kateřina Kadlecová, the CEO of USSPA, a family owned company adds: "I am honestly happy and proud. This is truly an exceptional achievement. We are accepting it as an award for the designers and the whole development team. We are pleased that expert judges of international competitions are not afraid to understand and evaluate complex and technically sophisticated products. We perceive design as a way to user-friendly products. Therefore, customer satisfaction is the highest award for us. Judging by the consistent growth of sales since the launch of the new generation of spas onto the market, we see that our customers are really satisfied. Nevertheless, we appreciate every expert award, especially such a prestigious one. It is encouraging and assuring for us to know that our work makes sense in the broadest sphere.“

LyraiN is a pilot model of a the new generation of private spas by Czech manufacturer, USSPA. It is developing a unique interior design with two loungers. Its innovative iNwave® shape is one of its extraordinary features, bringing its users new hydro-therapeutic possibilities and more comfort. The design goes hand in hand with the new technologies developed by USSPA, which turn the Czech manufactured spa into smart devices with unrivalled user friendly comfort.

The Good Design Program was established in 1950 in Chicago by architects, Eero Saarinen, the Eames brothers and Edgar Kaufmann Jr. It represents the best in the area of design and it presents the best product design "from a spoon to a city“. In 2017, the panel of expert judges selected nine hundred exceptionally designed products in 27 categories from several thousands of applications from 55 countries worldwide.

Academic sculptor, Petr Slanina (1955)
He graduated from the Art-Industrial High School in Uherské Hradišti with a concentration in moulding products from plastic. Later he graduated from the Art-Industrial College in Zlín, with a concentration in moulding devices and instruments. He has been working at USSPA, as the key designer, since 1998. During this period, he is the author of 22 private spa models, commercial and swim spa. He is the co-author of the new generation of products launched in 2015, including the award-winning LyraiN. He was twice nominated by the Czech Academy of Design for the Czech Grand Design Award for the USSPA products.

MgA. Filip Streit (1979)
He graduated from the Art-Industrial College in Prague, in the product design studio under the leadership of Otakar Diblík, Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček. He primarily focuses on industrial design. He won the Good Design Award in 2009 for the Flower lighting, which he designed for Ateh. He has been cooperating with USSPA since 2013. He is the co-author of the new generation of products launched in 2015, including the award-winning LyraiN.

It is a Czech spa manufacturer with a 23 years’ tradition. It is a  family owned company, where the core values are passed down from generation to generation. It manufactures a complete assortment of spas for every use - private spas, swim spas and professional spas for commercial use. Everything, from the idea to the design and the final product, is created in the production hall in Dolní Dobrouč. The company has brought a number of innovations, which move the spa industry forward. It is the holder of several patents, prestigious international awards, such as the Good Design and the Red Dot Design Award, it has the Czech Made certificate of quality and several others. The company exports its products to more than twenty countries worldwide.

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