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With the technology of automatic cover for swim spas, USSPA received the Good Design award in Chicago, (the big black dot). The patented ACS® cover originated with the USSPA spa maker and is unlike any other in the world. Its gradual development has been ongoing for more than eight years, and already has three worldwide accolades along with the US awards.

The ACS® cover works similarly to the cabriolet roof, it automatically moves into a narrow shaft, along the swim spa in less than two minutes. The minimalistic design created by interior designer USSPA Petr Slanina follows the function and offers wide selection of surface finishes allowing it to align well with the garden or house architecture. ACS® is able to withstand extreme weather conditions or power outages. It is able to carry the weight of a child eliminating the risk of drowning which is a major problem for classical swimming pools built into the ground. Its insulating properties are essential, allowing the swim spa to be used year-round at very low costs in any climatic conditions.

"We began to develop ACS® in order to provide more comfort for swim spa users, because manipulation with standard covers is not easy. At first it was more of an attraction, a demonstration of our abilities, a thermal pool cover that evokes the cabriolet roof to cover the pool with the push of a button. It was very well received which lead us to continue its further development. We tuned functionality and design until we got it to its current form, that stands out wherever it appears." Explains USSPA owner Katerina Kadlecova

The prize which was co-founded in 1950 by Edgar Kaufman, Jr Eero Sarinen,Charles and Ray Eames, is awarded for the 68th Anniversary of the Chicago Institute of Athenaeu , the Museum of Architecture and Design.

The summer competition has received a record number of applications, which have been compiled from 47 countries around the world. The USSPA can rejoice in the Good Design award for the second time - first one last year with the LyraiN private spa model and the newly awarded ACS® cover also won the Red Dot Award in Essen, Germany last year as well as the Innovation Trophy award in Lyon, France.

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